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  • Criminal Defense: 30+ Years of Experience
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Former Assistant District Attorney for Harris County
  • Skilled and Compassionate Trial Attorney

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CHARGE(S): Aggravated Assault
(State vs. Stormy C.)
Not Guilty
CHARGE(S): Sexual Assault
(State vs. Gilberto G.)
Not Guilty
CHARGE(S): Murder
(State vs. Jarret G.)
Not Guilty
  • Texas ASSN. of Licensed Investigators, Founded 1971

    Texas ASSN. of Licensed Investigators

    Founded in 1971, TALI is steeped in history and continues to be the pace-setter for the private investigation industry.
  • Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

    Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

    The HCCLA Mission Is to Assist, Support, and Protect the Criminal Defense Practitioner in the Zealous Defense of Individuals and Their Constitutional Rights.
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

    Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

    TCDLA provides support and education to criminal defense lawyers in Texas. It is an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • Houston Bar Association, 1870

    Houston Bar Association

    Established in 1870, the Association’s purpose was to maintain high standards in the legal profession and provide legal education for Harris County attorneys.
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

    National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

    The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is an American criminal defense organization.

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    Criminal Defense In Houston, TX

    The Benken Law Firm takes pride in providing clients with a full-service approach to fighting serious criminal charges and has been practicing criminal law for over 30 years in Harris County and all surrounding counties in Texas.

    If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a crime, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, feel confused, and be afraid. The Benken Law Firm is here to help. Whether you are being investigated for felony drug possession, sexual assault, or DWI, Brian Benken is here to help guide you through this difficult process.

    The sooner you retain legal representation, the better your chance of a more favorable outcome in court. Brian Benken will listen to your story and develop a defense that is catered to your case.

    The Benken Law Firm

    You may already understand the seriousness of the charges against you if you’re here. Put your case in the hands of an attorney with proven results. The risks of dealing with criminal charges on your own far outweigh the cost of hiring legal representation.

    Brian Benken has over three decades of experience as a criminal law attorney and as a private investigator and a former prosecutor, he has an advantage over other criminal defense attorneys in Harris County. He will take advantage of his skills and experience and uncover the facts that are crucial to possibly winning your case or getting it dismissed.

    Don’t delay. Take the first step in building your defense and call (713) 223 - 4051.

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